Our Playgroup

Program Overview

Children of the World Co-op offers a safe, gently-structured, and relaxed playgroup environment where your child can build age-appropriate developmental skills and where parents/caregivers can play with their children and interact with other adults. The children can play together and feel secure knowing their parent or caregiver is close by. The adults appreciate the much needed social time and parenting support for themselves as they make their own new friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who comes to the playgroup?

Families with children ages 6 months through 4 years … families from Baltimore and from around the world! … Moms, dads, grandparents, nannies, au pairs and babysitters … Infant siblings are always welcome to come along, too. We are proud of our diverse playgroup. Over the 30+ year history of our mixed-age playgroup, member families have discovered real benefits for all the ages we serve. It’s a great place for very small children to absorb all the wonderful things going on around them and a nice stepping stone to preschool as they grow.  Our playgroup is also a fun place for 3 and 4 year olds, whether they are in preschool or not, because it is an affordable and valuable learning and social environment for them as they prepare to enter Kindergarten.

  • Does the Co-op have a religious affiliation?

No. Although our playgroup meets at the Cathedral of the Incarnation, an Episcopal church, our organization has no religious affiliation.

  • What is the cost of joining?

The cost of joining our playgroup helps cover expenses such as payroll, rent, insurance and supplies. See the Become a Member page for session fees.

As you explore children’s programs in the greater Baltimore area, you’ll find that the fee for our full two-hour program is well below the average!

  • What is a co-op?

A co-op, or cooperative, is as an organization operated by those using its services. Each of our members is responsible for the Co-op’s success. Co-op members participate in the running of the Co-op in various ways. Members take turns doing day-to-day tasks such as bringing in snacks, cleaning up after snack time, preparing craft materials and cleaning toys. In addition, all members are required to attend the Annual Meeting, during which the Board is elected.

Traditional Events

Our calendar is full of fun, family events and seasonal activities.

  • Winter Potluck Dinner with Kids’ Clothing Swap
  • International Dinner with Raffle & Silent/Auction and a Children’s Entertainer
  • Pumpkin Farm Trip
  • Halloween Dress Up Week
  • Annual Members’ Meeting
  • Thanksgiving Feast with Cash Prize Raffle
  • Children’s Book Exchange
  • Adults’ Holiday Cookie Exchange

A typical day at our playgroup

When you arrive, you’ll sign in, put on a name tag, and sign yourself up for a simple helper job. Then the children are free to explore a variety of activities. They might play with cars, dolls, dress-up clothes, trains, puzzles, blocks, puppets, dinosaurs, the play kitchen, the doll house… Who wouldn’t like crawling through pop-up cubes and tunnels or creating masterpieces at the arts & crafts table? There’s always time to get cozy and read some books.

By 10:20, we’re ready to put the toys away (the children love helping!) and sit down together for circle time singing (and clapping, stomping, jumping and wiggling about!). Snack time** comes next before we finish the morning with outdoor play (or inside play with ride-on toys, trikes, and balls if the weather is bad).

**Snack crackers are free of dairy, eggs, nuts/nut products and are not processed in plants that produce/package these potential allergens.

What is it about a place that makes it truly special?

At Children of the World Co-op, it’s the people – the children, the parents, the caregivers – who make up the active and supportive community.  Families may differ in viewpoints, cultures, and backgrounds but we all come together to create an environment that is engaging and lively for all.