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Children of the World Co-op, Inc.

P.O. Box 26215

Baltimore, MD 21210-0115

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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Good for Children

At Children of the World Co-op, your child can play and grow while feeling secure that you are nearby. Our gently-structured playgroup is a great stepping stone to school readiness.

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Good for Adults, Too

Our playgroup is a welcoming place for parents, their children and caregivers. Experience the rewards of getting involved with your community, even if you have just a little time to offer.

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Good Value

At Children of the World Co-op, we work hard to keep our expenses low while offering a safe and stimulating playgroup. Everyone’s involvement in our cooperative structure makes this possible.

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What People are Saying About Us

"This co-op celebrates the diversity of nations, religions and colors. ... Just maybe this co-op is also creating peace, as our children in later years will associate diversity with happy thoughts." -Kathy, Past President

"We just adopted our two year old from Haiti and I am thrilled to have found a place that values diversity and can introduce him to some structured activities while I am still close by!" -Monica, member

"It has been a wonderful experience for Benjamin. He has mastered the tricycle. He is a champ at putting away his toys and he is definitely learning to share." -Stephanie, member

"Sofia loved to attend the playgroup, and we have been so grateful for the opportunity we were given for both of us to learn and play." -Midori, member

"COTW is a strong program for preparing children for pre-K." -Lucy Zouck, Director of St. David’s Day School