Monday 12/10/18 – Friday 12/14/18 – Children’s Book Exchange and Adults’ Cookie Exchange (during playtime)

In keeping with the Co-op tradition of recognizing the gift-giving spirit shared in so many cultures and faiths this time of year, we will once again have a Book Exchange among the children during the week of Dec. 10 – 14. We ask that each family buy an inexpensive children’s book (under $5) and bring it wrapped to Co-op (not a Christmas book, just a children’s story book). The children will give the books to each other during circle time. If you attend more than one day that week, it’s a good idea to bring a book each day so your child won’t feel left out of the exchange. The children really love the idea that they are bringing a special surprise for someone and that they will get one, too. Involve your child(ren) in the purchasing and wrapping process. When the books are all opened and the reading begins, it’s truly a wonderful sight! Please don’t forget! We always keep some extra books on hand, just in case.

So the adults won’t feel left out, we created another tradition — a Cookie Exchange. The concept is very simple: bake a big batch of your favorite cookies and package them in sandwich bags, three to a bag. Bring them to Co-op on your play day, and we’ll set out all of the cookies contributed to the exchange. Then, select from the many varieties displayed. Take home only as many bags as you brought (no more, please, or the system doesn’t work!). Bring 6 bags, take 6 bags; bring a dozen bags, take a dozen, and so on. It would also be nice to bring copies of your recipe or tuck them in with your cookies. We’ll do the exchange each day of the week from Dec. 10-14. Participation in the Cookie Exchange is optional, but the more bakers we have, the more variety there is to share. Impress your friends and family with the treats from many bakers!!

(Note: We will have the cookies set out away from little eyes and hands.)